Construction Update

August 10, 2016

The bridge is really starting to come together (See Photo). The past week’s construction activities included completing the removal of the South extension of the temporary work platform, starting the formwork for the deck overhangs, finishing the water, sewer, and gas main runs across the bridge, and building the south approach roadway box. Next week’s work is anticipated to include setting the precast deck panels, connecting the water, sewer, and gas lines across the bridge to the land runs and testing them, and building the south side roadway.


Project Schedule

March 2014

NEPA Approval

September 2014

Begin Final Design

December 2014

Finalize Permits

May 21, 2015

Advertise for Construction

July 15, 2015

Project Award

July 20, 2015

Notice to Proceed

August 3, 2015

Begin Construction


Project Contacts

Ed Roberge, P.E.
Concord City Engineer

Gene McCarthy, P.E.
McFarland Johnson Project Manager

Watch the Bridge Demolition!