Construction Update

October 9, 2015

Construction activities scheduled to be completed this week include excavation and placement of structural fill for Abutment A, completion of the abutment bent for the temporary construction trestle, and deliveries of miscellaneous construction materials such as steel beams and piles necessary for the construction of the temporary work trestle (See Photo). In the week to follow it is anticipated that the Contractor will drive piles for the first bent then begin to construct the decking for the first span of the temporary work trestle.


Project Schedule

March 2014

NEPA Approval

September 2014

Begin Final Design

December 2014

Finalize Permits

May 21, 2015

Advertise for Construction

July 15, 2015

Project Award

July 20, 2015

Notice to Proceed

August 3, 2015

Begin Construction


Project Contacts

Ed Roberge, P.E.
Concord City Engineer

Gene McCarthy, P.E.
McFarland Johnson Project Manager

Project Overview